Sketches of America

Sketches of America was commissioned for the Duquesne University Orchestra with soloists Sean Jones (trumpet) and Ed Kocher (trombone).  Inspired by American musical forms as well as the beauty of the American landscape, Sketches is dedicated to my father, musician and trombonist Donald J. Emberg.  Read and hear more about this piece at my blog, composerinthegarden.

5 thoughts on “Sketches of America

  1. Lynn – this past weekend I have the pleasure of hearing a performace of Sketches of America with Ed Kocher and the Dupage Youth Symphony and enjoyed the piece. I was google searching in hope of finding an available recording of the piece and am disappointed that there isn’t a version available. It would be appreciated if you could let me know if there is a recording available.

    • Kevin, thank you for stopping by; I’m so glad you enjoyed the performance with Ed and the Dupage Youth Symphony – Ed was very pleased with the performance. I do not currently have a recording of the piece available for sale, but I do have a recording of a performance with trumpet and trombone that I could make available to you as an mp3. Let me know if you are interested and I can make a copy available to you.

      • Lynn – thank you, I am interested in your MP3 version with trumpet and trombone. Please also let Ed know that the talk back here in Naperville is that he did a great job in both performance and helping with the annual tradition of asking for additional financial support. Feel free to email (hopefully you are able to see the email addresses) to let me know how I can get the file, you might even be able to email it if the file is less than 10MB in size. Thanks again.

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