Christmas Songs

These songs were recorded for the “Christmas at Duquesne Volume 2” CD, released in 2008, CD available at 412-396-6080.

Father Christmas  The lyrics for this song were co-written with Bill Purse, and are a tribute to our late fathers as well as a reflection of the importance of family.  Video to be released in early December, 2011. 

Christmas in My Heart  was inspired by an experience of spending Christmas in the Phillipines, far from home, with nothing familiar around us and no gifts to give except a few sticks of gum and some magazines.  A deeply moving Christmas Eve service among strangers in a beautiful open air cathedral put the true meaning of Christmas into perspective, making me vow, like Ebenezar Scrooge, to keep “Christmas in my heart.”  Beautiful violin playing by Charles and Rachel Stegeman, cello by Chris Bromley. 

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