About Lynn Purse

I compose and arrange for electronic instruments as well as for voice, choirs, and acoustic ensembles.  Lynn Purse photoCurrent projects include a collection of electro-acoustic songs influenced by nature, using samples, software synthesizers, and voice manipulation. As a performer, I have specialized in synthesizer keyboards, voice and wind controller.  My latest experiments have included working with software synths through Apple Mainstage and loop manipulation through Ableton Live.  My iPhone and iPad are also frequently used as performance devices.  I currently perform solo or as a duo with Aergo.  Previously, I performed on keyboards and voice with minimalist composer David Borden in his Mother Mallard ensemble and recorded with them on Cuneiform Records.

As an Associate Professor of Music Technology and the Area Coordinator of Electronic Composition at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University , I teach a variety of courses in computer applications in music, electronic performance techniques, and electronic ensembles.  Many of my keyboard ensemble pieces have been published through Ogilvy Music.

I post frequently on my blog, Composer In the Garden, on music and other topics – please visit me there as well!

8 thoughts on “About Lynn Purse

    • Dear Hudson, thanks for the kind words. I don’t update the website as often as I post on the blog (composerinthegarden), but I do get a few new pieces of music and video on here from time to time. I enjoyed my visit to your site; very interesting and a unique approach.

  1. What a great site 🙂 So well organized and easy to navigate. Love the sounds and video samples. Sound samples are rare on the blogs I’ve been to, so I appreciate seeing (and clicking) them here. Such interesting work you do ~

  2. This is very nice, Lynn. You have eloquently expressed who you are in a short space – and done it well! As someone who’s only been ‘connected’ to you digitally for a short time, I have a new appreciation and sense of who you are. 🙂 Bravo!

  3. Hey Lynn,

    Site looks great! Everything worked fine and everything looks good. The only thing was the Chamber Works page under the Music tab, where there were no external media links. I assume you haven’t put any up quite yet. Otherwise everything sounds great. I really like the “waveform media player” you embedded in the “Trees of Righteousness” page. I don’t know if you plan to use it for other pages. Just thought it was really cool! Also liked the Sketches of America a lot. I will post my website in the form below, and feel free to make any suggestions on what I can do to make it better (we already talked about a domain name. Obviously the current one is not ideal). Thanks and see you on Tuesday.

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